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In partnership with Cultivate London & Piece of Green
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Horticulture project continued in 2017. The idea for the Horticulture Project was borne from the original consultation in 2012/3 when residents said that:

  • They wanted the green spaces looked after better
  • They didn’t feel safe in the parks
  • They wanted communal areas to be improved
  • They wanted more opportunities for work in the local area.

HBL identified the woodland, four gardening or growing projects in the HBL area and an orchard trail across the HBL area leading towards Brent Lodge Park and linking to other projects in the wider community.
This project started in 2015.The plan for the three year is:

  • Developing the Conservation Woodland area into an accessible outdoor wildlife classroom

  • Food growing project on Copley Close

  • Food growing project on High Lane

  • Hanwell Community Centre Memorial Garden revival

  • Orchard trail across the whole area

  • Food growing/ community garden project on Gurnell Grove (to be decided by residents)

Cultivate London is manging the project on behalf of HBL.

Project progression in 2017:

Overall, the project is going really well. Cultivate London developed three growing sites – Copley Woodland, Paddington Court veg garden, and a sensory garden at Gurnell Grove – which is in-line with the project plan. They have also started engaging quite a good number of people both on the estate and off.  They are beginning to make some good links with local organisations such as Transition Ealing.

Two apprentices from the local area are progressing well.  They are a great asset to the project. The apprentices have been managing the woodland at Copley Close by controlling the growth in the trees.

Involvement from People of the Hanwell Big Local area:

20 Children and 4 adults, Gurnell Grove
20 school children at Copley Woodland (Spring Hallow, Ealing Alternative Provision Primary), 10 adults Copley Woodland (mainly during initial clearance of woodland)
10 children, Paddington Court
2 Apprentices
50 children – summer gardening club (August)

Involvement from outside the Hanwell Big Local area:

60 volunteers from Unilever (26th July) – Copley Woodland and Paddington Court
5 volunteers at Gurnell Grove (friends of a local resident)
12 young people from VCS the challenge (2nd August)

Cultivate London has designed and has developed the woodland area to allow it to be used by the community and utilised as an outdoor classroom encouraging wildlife and engaging local people in connecting with nature.

There were 3 planting days at the Copley Close and 3 planting days at the Gurnell Grove in April 2017. These planting days were planned for local residents, so they can get involved in green spaces where they live.

This is a project with huge potential for making change in the community physically and inspiring additional improvements throughout the community.