Youth Work Training

Youth Group Mentoring

Hanwell Big Local have again funded EASE to continue with our group mentoring sessions with our trained mentors this year at our Youth Clubs. Young People will beneft from sessions looking at self-esteem; confdence building and giving tools for other important life skills that will set them up for their individual journeys.

Teen Activity Sessions / Youth Trips

HBL funded Youth Go-Karting trip in Summer Holidays. Young people loved it and they were very grateful for the opportunity as many of them never have been to Go-karting before.

Youth Workshops / Motivational Speaking

We are excited to be able to provide motivational speaking sessions for our teenagers to frst understand and identify the rising issues of youth gang/violence in their community, and to provide tools and strategies address the issues that all our young people face.

If you wish to fnd out more about any of the above, please contact Benna Brophy, EASE’s Youth and Children’s Service Manager on 020 8575 6139.